What We Do Today is to Outline A Better Tomorrow.

Who Are We

The Xi’an GoldMag Nanobiotech Co., Ltd, founded in 2010, is a high tech company for producing, sale and development of the diagnostic and therapeutic product. We have devoted to resolving the difficulties in clinic fast diagnosis and targeted drug delivery system with the frontier nanomedicines.  We have excellent teams and built manufacturing cleanroom fulfilled the national standard for diagnostic reagent, qualified with ISO9001,ISO13485 quality system certificate.

We invented the word-leading GoldMag® particles and the doxorubicin iron oxide injection for the antitumor drug targeting delivery. The innovative technology covers the isolation of bimolecules, POCT detection, weak magnetic quantity detective device and magnetic guided drug delivery therapeutic systems, providing a new methodology for the critical diseases and tumor chemotherapy.

We devoted ourselves to the hardest issue in clinics and trying to discover, construct, explore and fulfill the better resolving plan for the diagnosis and therapy. The profit comes from benefit and action is more than words

Our Vision

GoldMag Nanobiotech has a dream that everyone keeps healthy through our unremitting effort. In order to realize the dream, we created novel diagnosis and treatment to fill the blank in nanomedicine, built a creative and passionate team, and constantly have communicated with the experts in world's top universities and institutions.

In clinic we found that the quantitative detection of cardiovascular disease should be accurate and fast, and the gene sequencing is difficult to popularize, the cancer patients suffered the traditional chemotherapy. We undertook these difficulties and developed our originally creative product to provide better solution in clinical diagnosis and treatment.

GoldMag Nanobiotech devoted to accelerate that the process to let accurate and fast detection enter the family, let the genetic testing for personalized medicine popularize in community hospital, let cancer patients have a better quality of life during the therapy. Besides, we would like to discuss with the partners to establish the best business model to provide perfect solution in clinical diagnosis and treatment.

GoldMag Nanobiotech is more than a biotechnology company. What we do today is to make the tomorrow better.


The establishment of "Xi'an GoldMag Biological Technology Co. ltd."


The company was renamed "Xi'an magnetic gold nano Biological Technology Co ltd"

Awarded by Shaanxi food and Drug Administration of the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises


Won the National SME Innovation Fund Project

Through the ISO13485 quality management system certification through the ISO9001 quality management


To be certified as "high tech enterprise"

"Rapid detection reagent" by the project demonstration industry of national torch plan GoldMag par


Syphilis antibody detection kit

R&D Capabilities

R&D Staff

More than 20 personnel in R&D center, 10 of them got their PhD and mostly have oversea education experiences. The research background involved the material science, medicals, pharmacy, and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary builds competitive advantages of our product.



More than 60 item patents were applied and 42 invention patents was authorized in China and USA.



1 item for First class, the Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province;

2 item for Second class, the Science and Technology of Shaanxi Province.


Participation in National S&T Project

(1)   National Science and Technology Key Projects on “Key New Drug Creation and Manufacturing” (Grant No. 2012ZX09506001001);

(2)     National Science and Technology Key Projects on “Major Infectious Diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis Prevention and Treatment” (Grant No. 2013ZX10004804);

(3)     National High-tech Development ( “863” ) Program on “Magnetic chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay” (Grant No. 2011AA02A101).